Workflow Technology for Healthcare

What We Do

Health and social carers have to follow tens of pages of guidelines or work with limited documentation. They end up with error-prone practices, such as post-it notes, raising NHS costs due to preventable errors to £2.5bn annually. Our smart technology allows the formal recording of policies, guidelines, and best practices as diagrammatic workflows in a simple but verified way to improve everyday care provision.

Process Analysis

We analyse everyday practices and break them down to individual clinical and administrative tasks, the involved actors and the necessary resources. We collaborate closely with different members of the clinical teams to better understand their point-of-view.

Formal Modelling

We formally model the analysed processes as visual artefacts based on their requirements and outputs. Our engine constructs rigorous logic-based specifications automatically in the background.

Workflow Composition

We connect the visual processes to form well-defined workflows. Mathematical proofs are run automatically to minimize errors and ensure trust.

Automated Deployment

The workflows automatically translate to executable solutions. We can simulate patient journeys through the modelled practices or deploy them for real use in the form of electronic checklists.

Workflow FM

A Smart Modelling Framework

WorkflowFM is a smart framework for modelling, verifying and deploying workflows.

It allows the visual modelling, rigorous composition and verification of healthcare processes. In so doing, it allows for a systematic account of resources and information flow tracking, while enabling the incorporation of policies and clinical guidelines into the workflow model. Last but not least, it automatically generates executable software that faithfully implements the modelled workflow.

WorkflowFM offers an all-in-one solution, from specification to deployment. Its technology is backed by some of the latest research in Artificial Intelligence.

  • Easy to use and intuitive.

  • Consistency and continuity of model.

  • In-depth analysis of scenarios.

  • Swift software deployment.

The Team


Petros Papapanagiotou is the lead inventor of the WorkflowFM technology. He has extensive experience in formal modelling, process analysis, and software development.


Jacques Fleuriot is the co-inventor of the WorkflowFM technology. He is an expert in formal verification and the development of AI-based tools for logic modelling and reasoning.

Some of our Projects

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