Workflow Technology for Healthcare

Our focus

Intelligent workflow technology for healthcare modelling
Domain Conceptualisation

The domain is analysed and decomposed into smaller, loosely specified processes that identify typical tasks, actors and resources. This is often done in collaboration with domain experts such as clinicians.

Formal Process Modelling

The identified processes are formally modelled as visual artefacts with explicit inputs and outputs. In the background, fully-rigorous specifications of the processes are automatically constructed.

Rigorous Workflow Composition

The specified processes are composed visually to form a well-defined workflow for the original system. Mathematical proofs are automatically constructed in the background, ensuring correctness and trust.

Automated Deployment

The composed workflow is automatically translated and deployed as a faithful, executable solution such as a web-based information system or electronic checklists.

Workflow FM

A Smart Modelling Framework

WorkflowFM is a smart framework for modelling, verifying and deploying healthcare workflows.

It allows the visual modelling, rigorous composition and verification of healthcare processes. In so doing, it allows for a systematic account of resources and information flow tracking, while enabling the incorporation of policies and clinical guidelines into the workflow model. Last but not least, it automatically generates executable software that faithfully implements the modelled workflow.

WorkflowFM offers an all-in-one solution, from specification to deployment. Its technology is backed by some of the latest research in Artificial Intelligence.

  • Visual Modelling

    Easy to use and intuitive.

  • Formal Guarantees

    Consistency and continuity of model.

  • Simulation

    In-depth analysis of scenarios.

  • Push-button Code Generation

    Swift software deployment.

The Team

Petros Papapanagiotou is the lead inventor of the WorkflowFM technology. He has extensive experience in formal modelling, process analysis, and software development.
Jacques Fleuriot is the co-inventor of the WorkflowFM technology. He is an expert in formal verification and the development of AI-based tools for logic modelling and reasoning.
Areti Manataki is an expert in healthcare process modelling and in the development of AI-based simulation tools.


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